American in Paris part deux: Being lost among lots of findings

Over the first weekend in Paris (Actually I haven't had another since) I thought I had had a great sense of direction in Paris. As the work week settled in I found myself continually lost.

Monday was the first day at the new job-onsite. There were not trips to the Louvre, the Dorsey or Pompudue. This is not to say that I wasn't surrounded by culture I was. Completely. All week I was meeting people and navigating the halls which make a maze over the multi thousands of square feet. All of it a welcome change to what had been my normal.

I had a computer waiting for me equipped with a French key board. It was quickly set to QWERTY letters. I've never been a fabulous typist, or so I thought. I often look at the keyboard when I've typed. I had to trust the keys to type what I had been taught they would type. Not all letters typed what was labeled on them - or even held the same function.  It was similar to when there is an image of a blue apple that has the word 'Red' or 'Pear' typed over it. Wednesday I received my British English QWERTY keyboard, which is still a bit different from an U.S. version, but so far I seem to be getting along fine. 

Tuesday morning I tried to open a bank account in France. While the HSBC is just down the street from the office, and the hotel I was staying, I managed to get myself completely lost, and disoriented. I started to realize that while I thought I had an idea- had my bearings about me over the weekend; I also wasn't trying to get to any specific place at any specific time. Throw in two necessaries of time and place; and I become- Lost. What I found out was one needs mush less money in your accounts in France for a 'Global View.' Meaning, I will be able to transfer funds to pay my lovely student loans here without fee!
I eventually arrived at work around 10:30 a.m. And it was fine.

My Job after working in the office each day was to find neighborhoods I would like to live in. It's hard to go wrong as far as I can tell, but I would really like to live in the Latin Quarter. Thursday and Friday in the office were mostly spent pouring myself over books and things that fed my brain and eyes. While I found myself feeling geographically lost a lot, I felt that my eyes, ears and brown were receiving massages, for had finally landed where I have needed to be.

Friday; as per photos below I was able to enjoy the Louis Vuitton Foundation with current work by Daniel Bruen. I really don't know how I've gone 40 years of my life and never known about him. Better late than never. I bought three book about him at the Foundation.
The photos below do no even come close to doing this work of art and engineering feat in collaboration with architectural genius any justice, but I was there, so I'm sharing.

Saturday I walked around the 3rd and the 11th. It seems that many think I would like to live here, since I live in Brooklyn, but I really don't think so. There is a big square, République, which is the intersection of the 3rd and the 11th. Currently there are on going protests, and it in the general area of the bombings last year. It's louder and dirtier that my ideal image of Paris. I've wanted out of New York for some time now, so there is no way I'd like to re-create this experience elsewhere. I'm looking for beauty, safety and quiet. I've really started to realize that in any city - this might be a pipe dream...I digress; I took a train to once again see the fifth, also known as the Latin Quarter, and confirmed I want to live there. Let's hope there is a not too small apartment with night natural lighting, with a nice view on a quiet and safe street waiting for me there.