Working Women

Wednesday morning when I woke, I did what I don't usually do, what we're "not supposed" to do so early in the morning, you guessed it, I was on Facebook, in bed. Multiple friends from various groups had shared the Emma Watson UN Speech, so I watched and listened. With great poise she delivered an inspiring speech which in four days has gathered over 4 million views. (I'm going to take a stab that this rivals some of Lady Gaga's videos).

I was extremely impressed and interested in what she wore; a white suit of strong angles, cinched with a thin metal belt, accenting her femininity. I knew it would become a trend immediately.  What I didn't realize was just how immediate this trend could take shape (no pun intended) Today I was checking out the latest shows from Paris; the second look to parade down the runway from Balmain was not unlike what Ms. Watson wore. 

Then I had a bunch of connections that I feel compelled to share. As per the fashion shows, almost anything goes, in New York, the feeling is a bit minimalist, in London, a bit Memphis-style from the 1980's, in Italy, very 1970's (which were originally based off the 1920's) and now we get to see Paris. Ah Paris, the style that seems to trump everyone else's. Power dressing of the late 1970's and early 80's are back. The primary colors, red, blue, yellow, all grounded in white and black. Thumbing through the Balmain show made me think of 9-5 with Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda. All of who dress in varying degrees Red, White and Blue throughout the movie. Each scene their costumes have been created to develop the character. As I believe our clothes should always be there for us to enhance who we are.

Below is the image that captures this essence of each of these looks; how similar they are in their differences, and how in many ways they are saying the same thing.

Just to point out:
9-5 American  from 1980

Emma Watson British born 1990

Balmain French born 1914

Common denominator: the colors of the flags that dress women of these countries.

I am a working woman, I am strong, and capable of a man's job to do it the same, if not better than any man. Please don't forget, I'm a woman, hear me roar.

In the off chance you haven't seen the Emma Watson UN Speech, I've interred below, and in another off- chance you haven't seen 9-5, I've inserted a little trailer below. Please go watch both. 

I would love to hear your comments below…

Photomontage by me.

Photomontage by me.