Weaving, over, under, floats

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlqmmWZLXLU] (If possible play this song while watching the video - I originally uploaded it with the song attached, but was in copyright infringement)

Saturday morning was yet another unseasonably warm day here in Brooklyn. A complete opposite of last week. I woke early so that I had the chance to ride a few laps around Prospect Park before class.  Riding for me is always a way to zone out of the every day stressors in life, and to hone in on my desires and wants for the day, and my life.  Riding in Prospect Park can also be a bit of a dodge ball game -  depending on how many people are out at any given point during the day. Saturday morning as I looked at how each person walked, ran, or rode as if each had a string connected to them and what would that weave of crossings make.  I thought about all the crossings we make in life.  How is it that some stay with us close, and others float by and others we never cross with?  I think it would make an interesting art project, the tangled fabric of our lives...

It was ironic, that my piece was woven just as my thoughts were earlier in the day. I had not anticipated that I would have such extreme floats across on my weft as I did, but they were beautiful and now tell a full story.

From far away, you can almost see my hopeful hexagon. I like how it came out as if it's raining. If I get the chance to do this again I think I might have some better idea on how to make it work, for sure it will be another unique piece.

Each of the above pieces represents about fifteen hours labor of love. The actions taken to get to this final stage were at times tedious, most of the time fun, but every step I took gave me a greater appreciation for every garment I own.

Thanks so much Cynthia at Weaving Hand for proving the space and Rachel Miller for her unwavering patience and guidance through this beautiful process!