clean slate

Welcome 2012! Let's start on a clean slate, shall we? After reading a could of Top Ten Lists for 2011 I've been inspired to expand my original thought for this post to ten images that capture my thoughts as year 2011 drew to a close.  For the path few months I have been reading for a second time The Ice Palace That Melted Away, but Bill Stumpf.  Why does it take me months to read 166 pages?  Well, because each chapter is a meditation on civilization.  The first edition written in 1998, and updated in 2000, before his death, Mr. Stumpf did not live to see what a harbinger he really was.  The subtitle of the book, How Good Design Enhances Our Lives, is exactly correct as in each chapter he explains little section of our lives, often overlooked, or taken for granted which could stand for some improvement, or in come cases, a step backward.  As I have spoken about this book to many friends, I say that each chapter is a guide, A Path to Civility. As I have looked back on human civilization in the form of books, newspaper articles, personal observations, and visits to museums I can only note that I am not 100% sure that we, as humans have ever been perfectly civilized, but then again, we are human, so we are not supposed to do anything perfectly.  We are, though, supposed to learn from others mistakes.  But that has not been happening.  These times, the things I see, the things I read have been disturbing beyond belief, and is why I have stopped writing so much here.

Below I will attempt to share thoughts I have gathered in 2011 of my experiences- far too great for one blog post, considering that I was homeless in the beginning of 2011, living in a sublet in Bed-Stuy, then moved to a friends pad for five weeks before I found an apartment affordable, and who would accept me on my good credit alone.  On March 7, 2011, one week after moving into my new apartment, I started my dream job.  My new home and new job have provided me the stability I need in these times.  One major life aspect is still missing, and great energies will be put towards this in this coming year.

Below are my thoughts on...

...paths to civility.  There is nothing more beautiful and classic than the white t-shirt.  A symbol of American quality (I beg for days when these are again made in the U.S.)  We have lost our connection with how things are made- this is the greatest downfall of our time.  For those who have paved the way for future generations, what do I have that I can give to others, and to our global community?

...home.  My new home is still not completely settled, and I'm in need of full shelving and a comfy place to sit and devour books.  I long for less time connected to the internet and more time connected to tactile items.

...motivation.  Museum shows can change your life, and perspective.  My goals for 2012 are to be motivated to get to them before they close.  McQueen's show at the Met would have been at the very top of my list, if I had made a more conventional list.

...boundaries. The only way out is through. No.  A way out is through.  Away from limitations.

...urgency.  Sometimes, the shortest way from point A to point B is on a bike.

...sharing.  When will we have shared so much on social media websites that we have nothing left to share?

...making.  I think there was no other designer who was as connected to her work than Eva Zeisel.

...death, on those who passed in 2011 and the dreams they inspired...


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