color me 77

Maybe some of you have noticed that I have a slight decrease in my postings over the past couple of days.  It is because I've started a new endeavor with Eliza Starbuck, the creator of the famous Uniform Project Dress!  I have vowed to a thirty-day Bright Young Thing wear-a-thon.  Today is day seven for me and I'm having a great time wearing all sorts of things that have gotten little to no attention for over three years since the inception of Graduate School.  It is now time to get back to celebrating dressing on a daily basis.  Today is one of my most colorful yet, and therefore is the proper opportunity to share it on this blog!

Details about my clothing are on my post today, but here I thought I'd share with you the colorful cosmetics that I'd applied today:

Eyes: Make-up Forever eyeliner in bright blue 3L, black and chunky crayon 10P.  Topped with Star Power 90947 and Onyx Black mascara from Clinique.

Lips: Chili lipstick by M.A.C Cosmetics.

Cheeks: ever so slightly brushed with bare Minerals blush 30862.

Face: brushed with Super Mate loose powder by Make-up Forever.