bee a perfect day

Girl celebrating her love of bees!

Me, dressed for the occasion of Bee-Day at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn

The lovely Queen Bee with a vivid blue center!

The unafraid bee keeper showing us his bees at work.

Honey, honey, honey!

Sumac, grown just upstate, has a lovely bitter-sweet taste, just make sure it is red to taste!  The poisonous ones are green and white!  (Best not to est them at all if you are color blind! Oh my!)

A pineapple grown in Brooklyn!

Green roof tops can be so full of color!

Can you believe this grows on a roof top in Brooklyn?

More bee-hives!

Days such as yesterday are the days that follow meandering paths, discovering the beauty of your own backyard - when all of Brooklyn is considered one's backyard, and is full of colors to savor.  The weather was amazing, and before venturing out for the day I received in the mail my long-awaited limited first-run edition of the LBD from The Uniform Project, designed by Eliza Starbuck for her line bright Young things.  I quickly changed attire to Lady Gaga's new video Alejandro from old cropped cargo pants to the cute bee-inspired ensemble as seen in the second photo above.

A leisurely stroll up to the Botanical Gardens brought us to Bee Day.  A celebrated event where there were bee-lovers of all kinds.  Some dressed as the lovely creature that brings us great sweetness, and others paying tribute in song, jewelry, and those sharing their love for the process of bee keeping itself.  It has been years since I have had the opportunity to enjoy such an extraordinary adventure - even within walking distance of my home.  I had no idea that such lovely things grew in Brooklyn.

Later on, venturing to a Williamsburg BBQ, we again, went out beyond the confines of the festivities below to the "green" roof top that was full of color that is designed to catch grey water and is also was a home a bee hive!  The images of the plants are in constant flux and growth stages over the year and will change color and size.  I hope to have the opportunity to see what Autumn brings!

Ending the perfect day I enjoyed the sun setting as the blue, green and yellow lights of the Empire State building lit up, eating a fresh grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich, and making new friends.  Yup, I savored the colors of life yesterday!