jong il ma

Governor's Island can't get enough great art.  In addition to No Longer Empty, LMCC has found room for 20 artists in Building 110 on the island.  A couple of artists are borderline design research (great for industrial designers to check out their presentation) and many resorted to using twigs as a medium - seems to be a trend these days.

One work stood out above the rest - a full room installation, by Jong Il Ma delicately handled wood stained in playful colors bound together with twine.  The twine was dyed from the left over wood paint allowing for natural color variations on different mediums and making use of materials in a sustainable way.  The results are unique, unexpected and invite the viewer to linger about the room.

These artists only have their spaces until the end of July, so hurry, have a chat with the artists about their work, bring a bit of food for a picnic, and savor the colors of life!