royal red

In a study of ten cultures red can take on the meaning of anger, beauty, courage, danger, desire, energy, erotic, excitement, fertility, good luck, happiness, heat, love, marriage, passion, power, radicalism, repels evil, strength and success.  For Buddhists it holds protective qualities. My interpretation of the Buddhist significance, is that it embodies all of the other cultures beliefs.  In one way or another it would be wise for us to protect ourselves from, danger, or to protect our strength - should we try to exercise it in a wrong manner, or to protect our love, the love of one's self or the love of others, etc..

Ever since I knew about Diana Vreeland, fashion icon who started the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, I have admired her.  She lived each day among red and adorned herself not only in clothing and accessories of red, but also in pasty thick cosmetics of various shades of red, her signature color.  She was fabulous, and so it is no wonder that her blood relatives might also offer enlightenment in this lofty color.  I was pleasantly surprised to read about her grandson (above) who has pursued a life as well in red, but for very different reasons.

Red, a color I have been opposed to for many years is creeping back into life and importance.  Red allows us to cross cultures, travel time, and can define who we are.