blue carpet

As design week came to a close, blogs all over the world have upload the newest and coolest of what is available over the past week.  Connections and deals have been made.  Aspiring designers have their work in cool shops, like The Future Perfect or MOMA Design Store - or better yet, have been picked up by larger companies to be produced.

Preemptively, under the conscious of Alfred D. Souza, who one of our commencement speakers  reminded us of, (I wish I had stuck a pencil in the huge sleeves of the gown! )  I cherished each of the moments with my friends, many of us will soon part ways, and danced when I could, gave my love to all, it was heaven and there was no tomorrow - even on the eve of my graduation, where I attended my favorite show of all, Breakable. I uploaded lots of photos to Core 77's flicker site. Photos of friends in funny designer glasses, met many people, have lots of colorful business cards, and am completely overwhelmed with wanting to start now for work for next year's shows.

Besides the many faces that my camera captured, in the love of color, it also captured the photos above of the awesome blue carpeting at ICFF. The first is of the lovely neon manicure of Alecia Wesner (she said I could photographer her feet for my blog).  Everything thing about her dress, and persona was beautifully complimented by the vivid carpet.

On the way out of ICFF, I saw this other chair made of chartreuse microfiber, by Kenneth Cobonpue.  I love how the abstraction of color made the modernist surroundings.  Pretty amazing how the variances in lighting throughout the Javits Center, and distance of  my camera from the subject resulted in two completely different blues.  The reality I will likely never know, but my memories will make it my favorite color, ever.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Dance, like no one is watching you.

Love, like you've never been hurt before.

Sing, like no one can here you.

Work, like you don't need money.

Live, like heaven is on earth. Alfred De Souza