the woman who fell from the sky

One of the best things about getting older, is that friends get older too.  As the years of hard work begin to pay off, we all start to do really cool stuff.   My dear friend Jennifer Steil is coming out with her first book next month, available on pre-order now with Amazon.

This is a book that you can judge by the cover.  Lively, colorful, and vivid, with a large photo of her favorite fruit on the front and the beautiful blue sky on top is the promise of something more, something with great clarity, and full of opportunity.  Although she is still residing in Yemen, Jennifer will be in and around the U.S. come May through June for touring.  I might be here nanny in June, on her trip to Seattle, assuming I don't have other specific plans at that point.  I'm always up for an adventure to a place I've never been before!