the new white

I received Nell Irvin Painter's new book, "The History of White People" yesterday in the mail, and fell asleep reading the intro and first few pages.  It is confirming lots of wonderful topics that I have been thinking about, but have not been confident enough to write about, in public.

Here is a link to the podcast on NPR.

The world is loosing its ground literally, because of misunderstandings of color.  We all know the war is not about terrorism, it's about oil, and why do we need oil? For more 'stuff', so that we can look and feel like our neighbors.  It doesn't make sense any more. But what is the root cause?  I think it is the prejudices that are attached to colors that are the causes of our unsustainable lifestyles and world.  It is time to be a little more honest, and flexible in the way we view ourselves and others.  Here we will find compassion that will bring about a more sustained relationships, and transformative change.