toxic color!

Re-blogging from InHabitat this article about green being toxic!  Well, I'm not really surprised.  I'm only a little surprised that it is more toxic than other colors.   However, just for the record, I've been pushing for blue to be the new "sustainable" color for a long time, posted here in a much earlier blog posting.  "Blue is the new Green, it's about clear skies" to me offers optimism in this crazy predicament we are in regarding the environment.

Colors in many cases are "extra" they take great efforts to achieve and match, and by nature have a large carbon foot print.  Yet I would not like to live in a world without them.  My work is such to inform others about how to use them freely- in the sense of without prejudice, and from a place of great knowledge.  It is with the oscillation between these two that we, as designers may arrive at colors and combinations that bring about a great paradigm shift.   As a designer it's important to understand what goes into all of these colors so that we best can make choices which suit us and what and whom we are designing for.