softlab goes boom!

CHROMAesthesiae by softlab, has this colorful display on exhibit at Devotion Gallery in Williamsburg, but only until April 5, 2010!  How did this not pass my radar earlier!  Softlab is a design firm, that is a collaboration of many different disciplines of designers, architects and digital artists looking at ambitious ways to transform space and the way we view and experience it.

I'm really interested in how they achieved the intense saturated color in such perfect gradients, that were later laser cut.  That is some serious engineering, and then to simply put together with binder clips makes install and de-install clean and easy with little waste.  Nice job!  It's interesting that they chose to gradient from red to other colors, blue, green, and purple.  This is a nice point of view- even if expected spectrum colors, I wonder if each gradient creates different sounds?