the first time i heard you blink

I had planned to start today early and head to the studio for a day of slip casting.  I debated only blogging about my dear friend, Alexander Gorlizki's art show at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, who hosted a lovely kid friendly opening with brunch this morning.  Luckily I went to the show, pushing off school work in lieu of seeing work that inspires me, and a friend I haven't seen in over five years.

The subway ride to the show allowed me to read an interesting article in the Times, I might not have otherwise noticed, appropriately for a color maven, titled, Who's White.  An excellent read for anyone, but for me I was ecstatic to read about a woman writing about the prejudices of color.  I can't wait to get the book, and have the time to read it- but one can listen about it on NPR.

The gallery is nestled on the 7th floor of a stunning building on Fifth Avenue just below 57th Street.  Although cold outside, Fifth Avenue was packed with tourists and I snaked my way though trying to catch fleeting glimpses into the designer shops of Takashimaya, Louis Vuitton, and Escada- who is once again enjoying a fashion resurgence with the back lash of the 80's fashions. I tried not to notice lines that formed out of Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.

Once in the gallery, I delighted in the paintings and the space, and knew I had made the right decision.  Paintings in a collection: The First Time I Heard you Blink, is a perfect title for Alexander's work which is abound with sensitive subtleties that he is known for.  The two room gallery is filled with paintings similar to the first one above.  They are all displayed with a large border of a soft eggplant color which I found soothing and calming.

In the back of the second room was a large wall dedicated to Alexander's process and inspiration.  He is the brown-haired man in the second photo, standing behind a  gray-haired man talking to him.  The rest of the photos posted in this blog are of the wall-color studies were everywhere!  They are all completely delightful and very collectible.  This work is on view until May 1, 2010.  I highly recommend seeing it in person.