white +

Snow has covered the concrete jungle- again.  Amazing and halting on all accounts.  White (snow) is not so innocent in this instance.  It quickly morphs into a gray, then, sludge color.  The various shades of ice turned gray offer us false transparencies on the ground below.  How far is it?  Is it solid?  Is ice even there? Asphalt ice. Slip.

These are all opportunities for observations that would not be seen otherwise and gives us every reason to stop and look at the colors that peek out of the snow coverings.  The images above are from a walk earlier today where I looked at new color combinations with new textures, some young, some old and some awaiting spring to become rejuvenated.  I still feel like it's spring.  I don't know why.  It is Spring somewhere in the world.  Eventually it will be our turn here and flowers will replace some of the white.  White and color will be worn instead of black (a little anyway), and the ground will be what our eyes tell us it is.  The only slipping to be of concern then will be from the shoes worn in the old cobble stone streets.