one part red, 2 parts yellow, 5 parts blue

This is it.  This is where the magic happens.  The plaster room of the 5th floor.  There was a little bit of a re-do in order.  In earlier posts of Red Square, Yellow Triangle and Blue Circle, I had the proportions off slightly.  So in the mind-set for a re-do, went about it with more knowledge and more experience- and did it all in half the time and twice as much fun.

I will be forming these shapes inspired by the writings of Kandinsky in Concerning the Spiritual in Art.  He wrote about specific colors having a specific shape and form, angle or curve.  The whole process of making colored plaster is fun from the beginning.  I have learned to be very thoughtful and meditative in this process, as rushing it will only make the mixture marbled- not the result I'm going for.  I must go slowly, but think fast as the plaster is setting up.

It really is something to watch the saturated pigment drop and disperse into the water.  Splash, swirll, vortex flow. The pigment finds its new place among the water molecules and I start to stir.  Pigment is mixed, plaster is added and then, at the right moment, it's poured into various containers, once thought of as trash.  Clean up, repeat, with a new color.  I mixed the colors in the same order that I did the first time, red, yellow, then blue.  Red added to the gray water in the sink during clean up made a deep burnt red color.  I made a bit more yellow than red and it turned the water a rich orange.  The coloring of the water with whatever amounts of pigment left over provides unlimited colors that can be made from these primaries. The colors mixed from red, yellow and blue are always changing- in one way or another.  Blue, I saved for last.  It is my favorite.  I don't know why.  I only know that when I drop the pigment into the water my heart starts to race.  The blue is vast and limitless, and I want to stay here as long as possible.  I made extra blue.  It got a little messy, but didn't make anything look dirty.  The final cleanup turned the orange water a beautiful color of teal- one of my favorite colors.  The three primaries didn't make a dull gray as sometimes it does- but then again my proportions were just slightly off- being right-on.