augmentation and potential

These days are nothing short of intense and hold a great deal of irony in them all hard to place and even talk to at the given moment.  Fashion and color have always been an escape for me, weather conscious or not it allows for augmentation and potential- in a similar way that Aimee Mullins has spoken about- "space" are places of opportunity.  I have used color via clothing to divert attention towards and away from feelings and emotions- an attractor, as much as a shield of armor.

It is a great tragedy to the fashion world to have lost Alexander McQueen.  His site is all but taken down, except for the above image that is creepy and ironic .  One of his greatest supporters killed herself in 2007- Isabella Blow. For them, I suppose all the clothing, textiles and colors in the world couldn't save them.

Working with materials, colors and their combinations I find hours slip away.  I work with them until my heart beats fast and my mouth waters.  This is when I know the colors are right.  I love and appreciate Albers theory, as I've written about it many time here, but there is so much beyond the color, the addition of materials- texture to the colors where it becomes to take shape, and for me literally come alive.  The second image above is a scarf that I made over a decade ago, when I was working for Koos van den Akker. I used transparent chiffon over silk dupioni , vintage Russian hand-embroidered ribbons and wove red ribbon in an eyelet lace.  It was one of my favorite things I made while with him.  I used this as an inspiration when I made a new scarf for The Uniform Project.  I made it yesterday in Koos' workroom.  Much of the talk yesterday was on the great loss that some feel more than others.  Koss continues on, as he always has.  The city is his daily collage inspiration, he is full of ideas.  I was so grateful to spend time with him and others in the workroom, although it had been a decade since I spent time behind one of their sewing machines, it felt right away at home.  A sewing machine is such a nice work desk.  As Koos said, it allows for him to create what is in his mind and to express himself.

There is so much potential in the ability to augment ourselves.

This past week has been one of great change, at first insurmountable, we must go on.  Life as fashion, and color trends continue to change, but we remain, and when we don't, then things will still change, they will morph into something else.  There is potential.  We just need to see it.