leonard bacich

The first week of this semester I headed for the wood shop, but peeked my head in Lenny's classroom of Sophomores to say hello.  It might have been a self-indulgent reason too, as seeing Lenny would always guarantee my name called in a loving tone, and I would receive a warm sincere hug.  I never made it to the wood shop that day- and it was all for the better.  Lenny quickly had me make a box for the concavity project, and I poured my first test plaster with universal tint.  He was so excited- he said in all his years, no one had been able to achieve this level of saturation.  For my thesis I am working on exercises inspired by Lenny's teachings, to which I am adding color.  We spoke about it enthusiastically.  I have as of yet to make much progress past the first test and have plans to pour my plaster this weekend.

Today on my way to class I saw Matthew Burger- the Chair of the Industrial Design Department at Pratt.  He was not his normal cheery self.  I asked him what was wrong - he wouldn't say right away.  Not knowing what it was,I said it was OK, and that we would get through it.  Then his words came out- that are now jumbled due to the immediate on-set of shock- he told me that Lenny had passed away.  I am at a great loss; as are many students, faculty and staff at Pratt.  I didn't go to class.  I went back to my studio, where on my shelf lays the book Lenny lent to me for inspiration for my thesis- next to one of the sculptures that I did in his class.

Lenny's door was always open, and I consulted with him often on my design decisions.  He encouraged me and believed that I would always make the right decisions.  I have a lot of ideas, often unrelated, but he had faith that I would make them all come together in the end.  I will continue to develop my exercises that I had started.  They are an homage to Kandinsky, but they will be in dedication to him.

Today ironically is Lenny's birthday.

Dear Lenny,

I didn't know the last time was going to be the last time.

You are greatly missed.  Thank you for everything that you have given.

Much Love,