crayons! 2.1

The Pleasure of Tiny Things: The moments that make up a lifetime. That's all life is isn't it?   Lots of little moments that slip by us in between the seconds of tweets, Facebook status updates and tumbler posts.  As Emily in Our Town says, "...It all goes so fast we don't have time to look at one another..."  Artists have the understanding that time moves faster than we are able to comprehend.  One of my favorite sayings by one of my professors at Pratt is, "Artists bring the public to the private, and designers bring the private to the public."  This is true more of less, but like many professions and objects these days the line is blurred more and more.  I aspire as a designer to have people stop and look a little more with the world and people we come into contact with.

Above are simple and iconic objects sculpted by Diem Chau.  With the working of the crayons the meanings of the crayons have completely changed.  They went from an object that could be used to write a fun note to a loved one to being an art piece.  As a work of art their three and a half inches have been given monumental status by being placed on platforms and have become individuals within a group- away from their original part in a boxed series.  Each color takes on a new meaning and very much their own personality and stands on their own- very literally.

If I just look at the work here for the beauty and simplicity that it is I see a great deal of insight in Ms. Chau.  The sensitivity to a tiny object, seeing past an everyday object to find an inner beauty and re-appropriating the Humble Masterpiece into this work of art which one can not use for anything other than an object of appreciation.

Diem Chau's current work opens on Friday in a group show, By A Thread at The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).