crayons! 2.0

My good friend, Vanessa Marie Robinson sent me the link to the first chart above.  It is encouraging to know that I am not the only one re-visiting my love for Crayola Crayons in adulthood.  Since my visit to the Crayola Factory this past Summer, I have referenced their site for lots of tidbits of trivia that I find of interest.  I have worked on some graphic images of Crayola as well, the most recent iterations are the latter of the graphics above.  They are based from America's favorite (Crayola) colors.  I have done research in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and quickly found out that my results were much aligned with Crayola's.  Blue was by far the most common response to: "What is your favorite color?" For my research I added to the question, "Why?" The most thought-provoking response was ironically the first, "Gray, because it's kinda neutral, and I try to live, not in the black and white areas, but the areas in between."  Could not have asked for something better.

The striped graphic to the above left shows the descending order of America's top 50 Crayola Crayon color choices.  In the graphic on the right I have grouped the colors together by primary hue.  The big winner with seventeen out of fifty of the crayons is, you guessed it- blue!  The next closest is purple, with ten out of fifty of the colors falling into this hue.  Brown, black, yellow, and silver metallic all have one out of fifty.  I then played in illustrator with this information and took the images and blended them.  I really enjoy the three-dimensional effects that are created.  The circular graphics make me think that they are projecting off the screen and offering themselves to be manipulated further.  They are moving towards morphing themselves into new colors!  I hope that Stephen Von Worley is right and that we will have more Crayola crayon colors by 2050, but I would like even more than 330.  I don't think I'm greedy, but it's just what is in the air now.  Crayola is coming out with lots of new games and products these days, for the young and the young at heart, but they also need to check out the competition!  500 Colored Pencils has a lot to offer- they all have descriptive names, AND stories!  What would an info graphic look like for them?  I suppose we will have to wait a couple years to see how they develop longevity as Crayola has.