a new day a new blue 2.1 IKB

The collaboration between Edouard Adam and Yves Klein in 1955 was to work towards creating a new blue paint of "unnerving vibrancy"-a color the was "absolute"  that resulted in International Klein Blue.  It was a special synthetic recipe that has been a continued source of inspiration for artists since its inception.  In the first image, he has made his bold proclamation, "I believe in the future, people will start painting pictures in one single color, and nothing else but color" in 1954, which started The Blue Epoch.  Actually he was not the first to do so, but we'll let that go for now.  He expanded on his application of IKB in the following works.  He applied his blue paint directly on human bodies to try to visualize the blue's human force. The third image is his table where encapsulated the pigment, loose and in all its glory.  Look but don't touch.  Is an art piece and an item of function.  A Renaissance man of the mid-twentieth century with influences still seen today.

Blue Man Group is unabashedly inspired by Yves Klein.  During the performance, the blue men take an audience member and recreate one of Klein's human force paintings (clothed). (don't worry I didn't ruin it for you, if you haven't seen it.)

The last image is a self-altered iconic image of today.  It was only when apple the i-pod nano in a beautiful cerulean blue that I decided that I needed to have one.  Can't wait to get my hands on a colored apple.  Color changes everything.