matte is the new shine

Matte or Shine?  For Karen O it is most definitely matte. Now you can have it too!  Essie has a full line of matte colors.  That is-if you can find a store that isn't already sold out of them.  If black is too dramatic, I would recommend Chinchilly it is just one of the most gorgeous colors I have ever seen.  It is the perfect balance between a warm taupe heading toward gray- maybe about the color a strawberry blond will be when they go gray.  Essie also had a top coat for all lovers of achromatic color- it's Matte, so now any favorite color can be matte!  This was also sold out today.  As soon as I get my hands on some I'll make a photo with my findings.  Please let me know if you find any near you!

After all the fuss about matte, and not getting one, I landed on Navy Baby by Sally Hanson.  It's pretty stunning too.