clearing blue sky

Clearing blue sky, A promise in bare branches.

In winter, there are sunny days.

In adulthood, childhood can return.

-today's entry from 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao

With optimism and hope- like that of a child's, I enter today.  It is a sunny day!

I stumbled upon this video that was tweeted by Design Observer today.  Maybe it doesn't have much, if anything to do about color.  However, I do like my fonts in 80% gray (that is standard gray) in RBG, or CMYK.  "Even if it's bold italic."

I think it's also a bit genius of Lady Gaga to have made a song that is so easily made into a parody.  It's a catchy tune that we all want to sing along to with our own words.  Food for thought:  Can I create color systems with this same intention?  We'll see!