a new day a new blue 2.0

It's kinda a blue day, isn't it?  No!  Not in the terms of sadness.  It is cold blue, yes, it's humid, more moisture in the air than recent days.  Today is filled with New Year's possibilities and strength.  A warm sort of blue.  It's a great day, if you are a student like me, to find a great book to sink into.  I've got a pile that I wish I could just absorb with osmosis.

A few weeks ago I indulged in Keel's Simple Diary, in Royal Blue, (of course.)  I'm putting in my two recent posts below.  Please check out this amazing video on the Keel's site.

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift, from a great friend who knows how much I like blue.  I am not the only one!  Maggie Nelson has written a beautiful book, called Bluets on the color that we both love.  It's a truly enjoyable read.

There is no time for feeling blue today or any day.  If you are able to read this posting, you are more than likely doing better than most.  So what I have today I'm grateful for, and will work hard today to keep that love going.  All the best to you too.

p.s. I'll try to write more ledegable for future posts.