david rockwell by desiron

I walked into Desiron in SOHO yesterday, drawn in by the eye candy in the window.  The Candy Collection.  This is the first collaboration between architect David Rockwell and Desiron. The colors are all deep and saturated, and not at all expected. David Rockwell, award-winning architect received one of the Pratt Legends Awards this past year.  He was among other distinguished company, Marc Jacobs and Patti Smith. I was lucky enough to attend this event, and have to say that I was blow away by his humble and fearless approach to design.  I urge all to check out his website. Right on the first page we see Albers color studies at practice in flash.

David has a great command for color and truly understands its powers.  The colors he choice for his collection are not at all expected and are the mark of clear, focused color choices of great sophistication.  I love that the full spectrum is not used, but hues picked  from it selectively.  This is always the sign of a designer who knows exactly what they are doing.  The blue is not blue, but more of a cyan (my favorite!).  The orange, is ready to eat.  The red is of a ripe cherry, again, a bold choice away from the spectrum red that is so often used.  The green, just a touch on the cool side to recede into the rest of the warm colors.  The fuchsia is a fun color that looks fresh next to all the others.  The rich chocolate-brown holds the intense colors together.  Making the collection inviting and exciting to experience.

This collaboration didn't stop at the custom colors that the seat cushions come in.  The metal structure of the stools com in 11 different finishes!  That is a lot of opportunity in one design!  All of the finishes are displayed on a wall at Desiron: Black Oxide, Gunmetal, Onyx, Polished Steel, Statuary Bronze, Stainless Steel, Matte Steel, Rust, Satin Steel, Oil Quenched Steel and Burnished Copper.  Can it possibly get better than this?  Yes!  Made to order- in the United States.  When I get to a point of placing an order, I think I'll have the Cyan blue seat with a copper frame, not sure what size, maybe one of each!