the beauty of gray 1.0

This is the first of a series of posts on the beauty of gray.

In a recent informal study, I asked a series of people in Prospect Park, Brooklyn what their favorite color was and why.  I was looking for stories, and memories tied to a favorite color.  The responses were stunning.  The first gentle man that I interviewed, said gray.  He preferred to live his life here because it's neutral- not black or white- but that area in between.  Thank you anonymous man who willingly gave up your time for my study and gave such a thoughtful comment.

Here is one of my attempts at painting a gray scale, I used Guerra acrylic paints.  One the left side is the color in it's 'pure' form, to the right is the color with glass beads added (also from Guerra).  Color can be transformed with the application of a texture here is a small application to a big world of gray and texture application.

p.s. I prefer to spell gray with an 'e'- but I also prefer to misspell in general, so I will attempt to have a consistency with gray for U.S. readers.